Sunday, May 8, 2011

33 days. yikes.

33 days till the bike trip. Scary because I need to raise some money still in order to be able to bike the full 3,600 miles (minus a day or two because of my bff's wedding... I can't wait for this day).

I don't like knowing what day will be my last day on the trip, I sure hope its near the end. But... I do know that god has a plan. I'm not sure if I need to raise $1,500 more dollars or $1,000. I can't dwell on how much more I need to raise. The bottom line is everything happens for a reason. I want to bike the whole way, but if it doesn't happen because I failed to raise the money. Its only my fault. I'm not good at asking for money even though its for a organization I'm so passionate about. I'm also not good at doing fundraisers for fear of failure after seeing organization after organization fail at guest grillers at mongo. I do awesome working with others in a big group raising money, but its really hard for me, myself and I to raise money for a organization.

It's been a good learning processes of accepting how things are sometimes. I also have been realizing more and more why I'm biking again. I think we all forget once in awhile because we get wrapped up in telling people we are biking 3,600 miles. Which sounds super neat. But the truth is, Its so much more than that. So, in the acceptance that I may NOT be able to bike the whole way inless I raise some more money. My heart is back in it for the right reason. And if I raise $2,000, $2,600 or $3,600 the money is still used the same reason, to help eliminate poverty housing. That just makes me smile.

So remember, if you can spare a dollar it can help a house in need and also helps be bike another mile. Which I can't even explain how much that means to me. but I'm sure the donation will mean that times 100x to the family whose house is getting rehabed.

In the next 33 days I have a goal of biking at least 23 days and having 20 blog posts. Informing you more of the organization and about training. Or lack there of.

Please consider donating. Even a dollar. :) xoxo

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