Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 3 bike 1
39.4 miles. Avg 3% grade. Avg 13mph(thanks hills ..I mean mountains....) max grade 9% (it was a great hill) max speed 31.3

A great ride from Seattle to Monroe today. We took a trail for about 12 miles. It was so pretty. Not only we're the waterfront houses beautiful, we seen lots of house boats, docks of boats, and water planehsrd storage. _

Once we we're on a road we could see snow covered mountains. Breathtaking.

I'm so amazed by all the cyclists we seen today. Anchor walkers, runners, skaters and even the road cross country ski things. Individuals old and young, families and groups. Everyone is so active here. I o coxyld live here.

We have another under 40 mile day again tommorw and then the fun begins.

Im still getting used to my brakes sense I got them adjusted. I just don't like them. Hope I get used to it soon.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2- Orientation

Today we had orientation and the new riders learned how the trip works and learned about the fuller center.

We took our first ride as a group around seattle. We have a local seattalan (maybe that's what you call the locals here) hour. We went to a park that had a great view of the space needle. Then we biked to it and around town. Due to the long lights and lack of directions we only had time for 12 .03 miles. It was a 79 minutes if ride time ( was our first ride together). Meaning our aerage speed was 9.0 as a group. Don't worry we have several weeks to improve. Max speed was 26.5. Avg grade of 2% with max of 17%.

During the ride I seen 3 crossfits. I miss joust.

Later in the evening a nice lady nammed Tammy and her son dropped of brown bag lunches with about everything you could ask for on it. We all have leftovers.

We had the rest of the night to explorer. Some people went to the fish market, some to the needle, and some just walked around the university district. Mike, Laura, Martha, aaron and myself went to Rei headquarters and walked around that area. I packed light as in clothing and random extra things. But I brought to many bike tubes, tubes of sunscreen (I rarely use sunscreen, but thanks to couponing I got paid to purchase it), extra tires, tampons and other stuff that will last the whole time. I packed so mix stuff for rhw future in mu bike box that was shipped, that everything dis not fit. So...I bought a new bag!

While I was bag shopping Michael and krystal bought a tandem bike. For those of you that dont know then. I bikes mi to fl w them in 08, where they met. They got married a few weekends ago and this trip is part ld there honeymoon. They had been to busy wedding planning to tandem bike shop. They rode w the trip leader allan and others from the Fuller center headquaters in americus, ga. The van got in a car accient on the way to Seattle. Everyone survived with little injury. The van, the trailer, many blankets and krystals bike were not as fortunate. Well, obv krystal needed a new bike, what do you know they found a sweet deal on a tandem that fur them both perfectly. No adjusting or anything.

Sorry for grammer, capitals or lack of, spelling errors and etc. This touchscreen phone ia still new to me.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

24 hours

24 hours.  I could not sleep last night.  Nope, not until 5am.  I have so much stuff to be doing, I wish I would of been doing it with my time.  But nope, I could't do anything but lay in bed and think about how happy I'm to be able to do this trip.  How proud I'm of the money I have raised (even if I'm a few hundred short of doing the whole distance...  I think?) and How proud of the money I have saved to fincially not be able to work for 3 months. 

Speaking of work.  I picked up a morning shift today and I work tonight.  I prolly should not have picked up the morning shift because I have so much to do.  But oh well.  I think work is something that gives me a good feeling right now.  Because not working for a few months sure makes your stomach get that oh no feeling.  Other than starbucks everyday and a few dinner with friends, I have saved almost every penny lately!  :)  Last night one of my best friends Nina Tate came into visit me and say good bye for the Summer.  We work opp schedules and only each other for Sat am breakfasts about once a month.  She is having a baby that is due around the end of Sept.  But they either have her due date wrong, or shes going to give birth way early.  She has the cutest baby bump ever.  Of course, its a little bit bigger than a baby bump, which makes her so adorable.  :) 

As Nina was leaving yesterday I got a party.  I was thinking, its $$, but I'd rather just talk to my friend.  The table was so much more than $$.  I'm so happy I was able to wait on them.  My crazy manager Tom decided to tell the table that on Friday I was leaving on a cross country bike trip.  The table could not imagine almost biking 4,000 miles (to be honest. neither can I).  We got to talking and I mentioned it was for the Fuller Center for Housing.  Immediately everyone wanted fliers, wanted to know how I was raising money, wanted to know where to make donations.  This is before I got there $70. alcohol order (that had a little bit of everything... sorry MIT) and explained to them how mongo worked.  I learned they worked for Catholic Services, Catholic Social services and or Catholic Charities and worked with poverty housing everyday.  They joked that I would be a perfect employee for them.  Suzanne (who works for Catholic Charities-Lake City Regional Office) and the rest of the group, helped me settle the butterflies.  I didn't even know these people, my manager just barely mentioned it and they were so excited. They asked for pamphlets, asked for my blog address, asked how to donate and kept saying I'd love to be 26 again. 

I guess better get ready for work, go to work and come home and pack and not go to bed.  I leave at 5:30 am tomorrow.  :)  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FCBA van crash.

Please read this blog post in the official blog about the Fuller Center for Housing Van and Trailer accident that included 8 riders and several bikes heading out to Seattle for the start of the trip.  I'm relived to read that everyone is okay, but am sad I was not there to help out my old friends and soon to be new friends.

Oyee! to everyoen being okay.  God has a plan, maybe its not exactly as we planned, but I'm ready for the adventure.  :) 

FCBA Official Blog

2 days till I fly out!
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

33 days. yikes.

33 days till the bike trip. Scary because I need to raise some money still in order to be able to bike the full 3,600 miles (minus a day or two because of my bff's wedding... I can't wait for this day).

I don't like knowing what day will be my last day on the trip, I sure hope its near the end. But... I do know that god has a plan. I'm not sure if I need to raise $1,500 more dollars or $1,000. I can't dwell on how much more I need to raise. The bottom line is everything happens for a reason. I want to bike the whole way, but if it doesn't happen because I failed to raise the money. Its only my fault. I'm not good at asking for money even though its for a organization I'm so passionate about. I'm also not good at doing fundraisers for fear of failure after seeing organization after organization fail at guest grillers at mongo. I do awesome working with others in a big group raising money, but its really hard for me, myself and I to raise money for a organization.

It's been a good learning processes of accepting how things are sometimes. I also have been realizing more and more why I'm biking again. I think we all forget once in awhile because we get wrapped up in telling people we are biking 3,600 miles. Which sounds super neat. But the truth is, Its so much more than that. So, in the acceptance that I may NOT be able to bike the whole way inless I raise some more money. My heart is back in it for the right reason. And if I raise $2,000, $2,600 or $3,600 the money is still used the same reason, to help eliminate poverty housing. That just makes me smile.

So remember, if you can spare a dollar it can help a house in need and also helps be bike another mile. Which I can't even explain how much that means to me. but I'm sure the donation will mean that times 100x to the family whose house is getting rehabed.

In the next 33 days I have a goal of biking at least 23 days and having 20 blog posts. Informing you more of the organization and about training. Or lack there of.

Please consider donating. Even a dollar. :) xoxo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roller Derby = other love.... well and volleyball :)

Sorry for the little hiatus.  I've been spending my extra time skating and practicing for Roller Derby.  As we had skills test on Sunday.  I love trying new things, I love being active, and I love meeting new people.  When a co-worker told me that she was joining the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes (A2D2) team.  I decided to give it a whirl as well.  Boot camp is finally done. (well for this time)

I figured I used to roller blade a lot, I'll be just fine.  WRONG.  I'm horrible on roller skates.  But don't think I was the only one.  When you’re a beginner you’re called "fresh" meat.  Most of the fresh meat had not skated sense we were little girls.  I have fallen in love with my derby sisters.  Everyone is different.  Some are young (yes you Erin) so are mom age, some are my age and some are grandmas. Doctors, professors, stay at home moms, hair stylists, servers, social workers and etc.  Everyone is different, but everyone is GREAT.  Everyone is so nice, supportive and trying something new out as well.  Powerful ladies. 

12 weeks of boot camp have been completed and part one of skills test.  Endurance test is in a few hours. (update.  I just failed endurance by a quarter of a lap, but don't worry I was not even tired. I was trying to not cut people who were in my group off.... and Honesty;  Now I'm just pissed.  A quarter of a lap.  *insert scream*) 

Most fresh and vet meat have been extremely nervous for the skills test.  The first bout is May 1, and you have past skills test to compete.  If you don’t pass skills test, you have to re do boot camp.  The next boot camp will start in Sept.  If I were to pass skills test, it would be a great experience and a lot of fun to skate in the May bouts.  However, I would have to re-skills practically days after getting back from biking across country.  I honestly didn’t get nervous until the morning of skills.  I knew that even if I passed sills now, I would most likely have to re-do boot camp in Sept.  

So. How did skills go?  I don't know if I passed or not. I don't think I did.  I skated HORRIBLE.  Honestly, HORRIBLE.  I'm not going to say I'm a great skater on a normal day, but usually better than I skated on Sunday.  The whole time I kept thinking, if I pass skills am I going to get injured in the month of May and not be able to bike across country?  The whole time...infact I started crying because I was so confused at one point.  

I love roller derby, and I love the dimes.  But I have amazing opportunity that I will be taking part in this summer. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity.  I know that god is choosing my path. If I don't pass its because I didn’t give it 100%.  I went there to give it 100%, but I don't think I had thought it through until sitting on the ground waiting for it to be my time to skate and then I was a complete disaster.  I can't get upset at myself.  Thats prolly how it as supposed to happened.  I'm going to endurance testing right now. I'll give it 120%, but it may not be enough.  It makes me want to not go...knowing that even if I do my best, it may not be enough.  But......I'm not a quitter.

I'm prepared to hear I’ll be doing boot camp again in September There are positives and negatives to both passing and failing skills.  I need to focus on the positives.  :)  

I'm not a quitter.  This reminds of me when I didn’t pass bike school at the police dept the first time.  The biker of the bike school group.  FAILED.  I couldn’t bike in a circle inside a parking spot to save my life.  I just fell, fell, fell and fell more.  I had so many blue, purple and green bruises.  I kept trying, and falling. Then it came to stairs.  Don't worry I fell more.  The next summer I re did bike school.  By no means did I get perfect score. I was scared to death of falling, but don't worry I passed and with little bruises.  Sometimes you just need a little more time. At first, I wanted to cry every time I seen my co-workers names on bike and mine on foot or paddy wagon.  But it ended up being a GREAT summer.  Everything happens for a reason.  I learned so much that summer.  If I would of quit because I couldn’t face that I had to work on something, there’s no way I would be who I'm today.

So... I'm not selling my skates Just remembering everything happens for a reason.  :)

A2D2= Love

Friday, March 25, 2011

I have been reflecting back on the 2009 Michigan-Florida ride alot lately. So.  I wanted to share the post I wrote from the last day of that ride.  I can't believe how close we all got.  I can't wait to see most of these peoples in something like 77 days! :)
Today we did not say “good bye”. We said I can’t wait to see you next time and good luck in the adventures of life until we meet again. 

As I look back and recap, its hard to believe that 5 weeks have escaped us already. Everyday was a blessing in itself. I’m not quite sure how to recap it all other than saying: God called, we answered God, we were blessed along the way, and we all know it was right.

The memories and bonds we created are endless. I know I personally will never forget the homeowners we helped, the family we created as a team, the everlasting friendships, and entering every state by bicycle. I know we all thought that biking the distance would be our greatest accomplishment on this trip. But, I think for all of us, it was so much more than biking. It was a step closer to ending poverty housing. Sharing about the ministry and helping first hand.

I don’t think we kept as good of stats as last years riders in who had the most flats, first, last, the amount of water or Gatorade consumed.

Melissa has the best tan lines and the first to receive two flats in one day.

Michael enjoyed getting someone lost daily (Just kidding Papa Bear, thank you for being a great route leader).

Esther was the funniest by far and the only one to get bitten by a 4 legged friend.

Erika and Eric enjoyed spending money on new tubes and are the flat leaders of the trip.

Nick had the police looking for him after he missed all the rests stops for a day, and played every piano he seen.

Dave Steer is always found riding with someone, and sharing about the FC.

Krystal is the caregiver of Millie/Sharky the shark and was our team doctor. ( I visited her for my foot hurting one day and ended up with a ice pack on my neck).

Kristina always made sure we had Sweet Sweet Tea and was the most likely to be found napping.

David Snell pedaled hard the last day and was our most honorable rider.

Emily was the only one on the trip who never got a flat tire.

I, Megan, was the only one who got a broken spoke. 3 one time and 7 two days later. I just gave up and bought a new wheel.

Thad enjoyed playing the guitar and signing worship songs for everyone. He was also our team eye doctor.

Lisa was pretty famous everywhere that had Fuller Centers because of her experience with Fuller Center El Salvador and her bike Aretha enjoyed singing to us daily.

Kyle carried his video recorder regiously for the first two weeks and never complained when he got lost.

Ryan and Esther are most likely to get lost and also most likely to get on the interstate. And Ryan earned the nickname of wrong way Ryan.

Susan was the fastest lady by far and we missed her the last 2 weeks.

Becky was the kindest person and we are Thankful she joined for 2 weeks, we missed the first 3.

Hannah Joy enjoyed taking naps after the ride and enjoyed taking pictures almost as much as Esther.

Tony was the man we wished we never had to say good bye too.

Ivan always wanted to be busy. He never took naps.

Chris was great to have for a few days. It was wonderful to hear about last year, and that he still spreads the word of good faith and works with the Fuller Center.

Tamara’s passion shared to everyone. She was the "most grateful to be here" award.

Until we meet again we will not forget each other, the bonds we created are everlasting. I know we answered god’s calling by participating in as Ryan calls it the new Triathlon: Biking, Building, and Speaking. This is just the start of our next adventure.

See everyone soon.

All photo credits are given to Esther Hyejin Chung

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs player endorses Fuller Center bike ride

Every Thursday Allan the director of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure sends out a email with our donation update totals.  And posts on facebook the top fundraisers. Thanks friends and family.  I'm now in the top 5.  5th.  But at least I know I'm making progress and almost 50% the way across country and 50% towards meeting my fundraising goal.  I can make it to town called Craig, CO. (July 5th) CO is a big state.  phew. 

I can't look at the countdown to the trip because its approaching too soon.  Don't get me wrong.  I want the trip to start tommorrow.  But the reality is I need every of these days to be able to afford the trip.  Infact, double the amount of days would be even better.  Not only do I need to be able to pay  my June, July and August bills (student loans, phone, insurance, car insurance, cc debit etc).  But also September.  I also have recieved 11 save the dates for this summer.  11!!  I also have 4 friends who are expecting in September.  The bills and gifts I need to buy keep stacking up.  Yikes.  Plus trip expesnes.  Flight there, Flight to come home a few days early for a wedding that I'm in (dress, gift, hotel, and gas to get there), 1 meal a week, plus spending money (I wont have much) and money for bike maintenace.  Ugh.  So excited, but as the days get closer I just keep praying that it will all work out.  Anyone need there lawn raked? 

78 days... eek.  I need to raise $28.00 a day (I'm perfectly fine with 28 $1.00 donations) in order to meet my fundraising goals.  Please consider helping.  Just click here!

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love shopping local.... I usually shop local.  I don't mind spending the extra money to support local businessI ALWAYS buy gas from the mom and pop gas station in town versus the Kroger and or other ones that own more than one.  

Yesterday I bought a new bike computer without shopping around. I returned it today.  As much as it hurts me to do this.  I have to save every penny I can.  I still wont be shopping at the Kroger in Milan, Sorry they are just to rude to get my business, I don't care that I'd save a couple of dollars and I'm proud of the fact I have not been there sense they opened the gas station.  The bike computer which I purchased at Two Wheel Tango was double wireless (cadence, speed, distance, time etc) for $99.00.  On Amazon it is $62.00 with free shipping.  I budgeted spending $100.00 on a new bike computer.  My last one was a specialized one, with a mount for 2 bicycles and had a computer doc to upload rides.  I loved it, but unfortunately something happened to a sensor under the computer where it hit the dock station on the bike and for the computer.  But it lasted 3 years.  Cat Eye Adventure which does cadence, speed, distance, time, altitude, speed of descent and highest temp.  Obviously sounds much cooler for a road trip going through the mountains.  It will be cool to see the altitude reached, miles climbed and etc.  Amazon wins again.  Amazon $101 (two whole dollars more than the one I org bought) and Two Wheel Tango at $147.00. 

Well... you would think I'd be sold on the Cat Eye Adventure now.  I can get a great deal, even though I'm ashamed to not be buying it local.  However.... the Sigma Sport Rox 8.0 has better reviews and is in the same price range at most stores as the Cat Eye Adventure.  Amazon has it for $143.00, REI for $200.00.  I have a $30.00 gift cert to Amazon.  Making it seem like its $113.00.  For the $13.00 cash more that I'll be spending on it, I'm pleased with the purchase.  I just don't have it now.  Have to wait for it to come in the mail. But.... it just makes more sense.  Sorry Two Wheel Tango
For all you bike nerds here are the specs

Esthers bike got stolen :(

My friend Esther recently had her bike stolen. We rode Michigan to Florida together the summer of 2009.  Her bicycle (even though it doesn't have the best seat) is her best friend.  Not only does she use it as her main mode of transportation, she needs it to do a week of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure with meNow, I love my bike.  But she is really obsessed with her bike.  Not only that, they are expensive pieces of our life's that we spend hours with.  If my bicycle was stolen today I would be heart broken.  I can't afford a new one and even if I could I'd like to give it the proper goodbye.  And get the yellow smiley guy we got in some town along our route (ugh... I wish i could remember all these names... I will be much better about blogging this time.  I remember it was the town that we slept on cots... and there was that room in the upstairs of the church that had the roaches.. I was so scared of them, I slept with my bag on my cot and really never got any sleep).

Long story short.  I hope Esther's bike gets returned.  I'm sad for her and I want her to do a week of this years ride with me.  Praying for your Bike Esther.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Every dollar donation really matters (that's why I have deleted my honor roll on my fundraising page Some people are embarrassed to make a $5.00 donation. I'm crying of how thankful I'm for $5.00 donation.  From now on.... Don't be shy.   Help me raise $3,600 for the Fuller Center....even if its a dollar from 3,600 individuals.  I'm more than okay with that)

$15 = Box of Nails
$25 = 1 gallon of paint
$50 = 1 box of flooring tiles
$75 = Enough nails to build one house!
$100 = 3 bundles of roofing shingles
$150 = 1 medium size window
$250 = 1 exterior door
$500 = Siding
$1000 = Roof trusses
$2500 = A house in the Congo
$5500 = A house in El Salvador

Also don't forget that the amount on the fundraising page is NOT correct.  I'm actually 1/3 of the of the way.  Almost to Dinosaur, CO.  :)

Please share this with all your friends.  It would mean alot to me. 

Love you all.

Friday, March 11, 2011

$10.00 shy of having raising 25% of our minimum fund raising goal.  :)  I can't' even explain how happy that makes me. I can bike almost 1,000 miles.... Need to submit some of the checks my Dad have collected so the updated totals on next weeks fund raising email will be over $1,000.  All of my friends keep making me smile, I'm getting more generous donations that I thought possible during this finical hardship many people are facing. Donate Here  (Please note this total is not accurate)

Also Sarah and I have 3/5 of the churches for segment 9 figured out now.  I posted the last blog, prayed and within a few hours had a email from a church who wanted to host us in Cambridge, Ohio.  (Thanks to Solid Rock Wesleyan Church in Cambridge, Ohio)  Not only will they be letting use the church as our sleeping headquarters for the evening, they will be providing us a potluck dinner and inviting people from the community so we can do a presentation about the Fuller Center and the Fuller Center Bike trip.  The church does NOT have showers, but we have submitted a request to the YMCA to use there shower facilities.  Things are starting to fall into place.

$2,600 more dollars to raise and 2 more churches for Segment 9Things are looking good.  


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Special thanks to Sarah Doren

On top of participating in the bike trip, I'm helping plan a week with another returning rider Sarah Doren (she is also blogging. Click here to read her blog) Were helping plan the last segment.  

August 6 - 14  Segment 9.  Columbus OH to Washington DC. 

Beginning the week in Columbus, Ohio join us for the final stretch of our great journey as we make our way to our nation's capital: Washington, D.C. You will have the opportunity to ride with us through five different states and through the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains. 

We will have one final build day with our Fuller Center partner in Northern Virginia. Then we'll bike from Leesburg, Va. to Washington, D.C. on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, so invite all your friends to join in for this final ride and to help us celebrate the completion of the fourth annual Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

One of the things we have to do for each segment is find churches to host us for each night.  Sounds easy right?  I mean we are all passionate about the organization we find it hard to believe someone else would not be. But you have to find the right person at a church to take it to other people to consider having a group of 30 sweaty bicyclist raising money for the fuller center to sleep on the floor, use the kitchen facilities and find showers somewhere in the community.  Most people are scared of the number of us this year 20-30.  Together we have sent out over 75 emails to churches in the communities we will be traveling through, made 5 phone calls per town and have successfully established only 2 churches. 

So... we could use your help.  Do you know anyone who lives in either the Wheeling, WV area or Uniontown, PA area?  The fuller center bike trip is looking for a place to lay our heads down at night.  We don't need much, other than just simply some floor space.  

Wheeling, WV - August 8th (Corpus Christ and Vance Memorial Presbyterian are considering.... has been brought to a board to be voted one.  Praying one of these will come through)

Union Town, PA August 9th (Cheery Tree Alliance has brought it to the elders to vote on.. yes yes please.)

Special thanks goes to First Presbyterian Church of Cumberland,  MD for hosting us on August 10th and to Leesburg Presbyterian Church ( of Leesburg,VA for hosting us August 11th.

Sarah has been GREAT to work with.  Thanks for all your help Sarah.  I know will continue to make this a GREAT week for everyone.  YEAH.  :)  She is the girl on the left!  She will also be biking all 3,600 miles with me.  :)


Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 FCBA

98 Days!

98 days and I will be following my heart. Participating in the 2011 Fuller Center Bike Adventure. The trip will be 3,600 miles, going through 14 states starting in Seattle, WA on June 10 and ending in Washington D.C. on August 14th (Although... I will be leaving around the 11th because my Best Friend Forever Lynn Czarnecki will be getting married to the love of her life Jason Makela. I have to thank them for allowing me to be there last minute with some funky (sexy.. I tell you) tan lines.)

The FCBA currently has 21 riders riding the distance (I'll only be missing 70 miles or so,... so... for the moment.. I'm a full way rider). Our goal as a trip is to raise $500,000. Each rider is asked to ride $1.00 a mile. So that equals out to $3,600. I'm passionate about the Fuller Center, volunteering, biking and being a part of the elimination to the poverty housing. I would love to raise $2.00 a mile. But ... I'm going to need every ones help. So please consider giving up a coffee or soda and just donate a few dollars. Seriously.... $1.00 makes a a difference. If I could get 7,200 people to donate just $1.00 could repair 3 roofs here in the USA, or build 3 houses in Haiti. I'm not asking you to donate, just asking you to consider it. If you consider it, your heart will answer if you should or not. I anticipate you will be hitting the donate now button soon.

I'm following my heart on this one, I actually don't know how I'm personally going to afford to not work for 3 months. Well I know how,... Working as much as possible between now and then and not spending any extra money. I have to follow my heart on this. I did not follow it last year and it was the worst mistake of my life. Okay not worse, but a close second.

I will be posting every day or two so please check back. I want you my donors to feel involved. I'm so thank full to have raised around $800.00 so far (the page you see is not right... that's just the money raised through that page). So thankful..... it makes me cry, seriously.