Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 3 bike 1
39.4 miles. Avg 3% grade. Avg 13mph(thanks hills ..I mean mountains....) max grade 9% (it was a great hill) max speed 31.3

A great ride from Seattle to Monroe today. We took a trail for about 12 miles. It was so pretty. Not only we're the waterfront houses beautiful, we seen lots of house boats, docks of boats, and water planehsrd storage. _

Once we we're on a road we could see snow covered mountains. Breathtaking.

I'm so amazed by all the cyclists we seen today. Anchor walkers, runners, skaters and even the road cross country ski things. Individuals old and young, families and groups. Everyone is so active here. I o coxyld live here.

We have another under 40 mile day again tommorw and then the fun begins.

Im still getting used to my brakes sense I got them adjusted. I just don't like them. Hope I get used to it soon.

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