Thursday, June 9, 2011

24 hours

24 hours.  I could not sleep last night.  Nope, not until 5am.  I have so much stuff to be doing, I wish I would of been doing it with my time.  But nope, I could't do anything but lay in bed and think about how happy I'm to be able to do this trip.  How proud I'm of the money I have raised (even if I'm a few hundred short of doing the whole distance...  I think?) and How proud of the money I have saved to fincially not be able to work for 3 months. 

Speaking of work.  I picked up a morning shift today and I work tonight.  I prolly should not have picked up the morning shift because I have so much to do.  But oh well.  I think work is something that gives me a good feeling right now.  Because not working for a few months sure makes your stomach get that oh no feeling.  Other than starbucks everyday and a few dinner with friends, I have saved almost every penny lately!  :)  Last night one of my best friends Nina Tate came into visit me and say good bye for the Summer.  We work opp schedules and only each other for Sat am breakfasts about once a month.  She is having a baby that is due around the end of Sept.  But they either have her due date wrong, or shes going to give birth way early.  She has the cutest baby bump ever.  Of course, its a little bit bigger than a baby bump, which makes her so adorable.  :) 

As Nina was leaving yesterday I got a party.  I was thinking, its $$, but I'd rather just talk to my friend.  The table was so much more than $$.  I'm so happy I was able to wait on them.  My crazy manager Tom decided to tell the table that on Friday I was leaving on a cross country bike trip.  The table could not imagine almost biking 4,000 miles (to be honest. neither can I).  We got to talking and I mentioned it was for the Fuller Center for Housing.  Immediately everyone wanted fliers, wanted to know how I was raising money, wanted to know where to make donations.  This is before I got there $70. alcohol order (that had a little bit of everything... sorry MIT) and explained to them how mongo worked.  I learned they worked for Catholic Services, Catholic Social services and or Catholic Charities and worked with poverty housing everyday.  They joked that I would be a perfect employee for them.  Suzanne (who works for Catholic Charities-Lake City Regional Office) and the rest of the group, helped me settle the butterflies.  I didn't even know these people, my manager just barely mentioned it and they were so excited. They asked for pamphlets, asked for my blog address, asked how to donate and kept saying I'd love to be 26 again. 

I guess better get ready for work, go to work and come home and pack and not go to bed.  I leave at 5:30 am tomorrow.  :)  

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