Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2- Orientation

Today we had orientation and the new riders learned how the trip works and learned about the fuller center.

We took our first ride as a group around seattle. We have a local seattalan (maybe that's what you call the locals here) hour. We went to a park that had a great view of the space needle. Then we biked to it and around town. Due to the long lights and lack of directions we only had time for 12 .03 miles. It was a 79 minutes if ride time ( was our first ride together). Meaning our aerage speed was 9.0 as a group. Don't worry we have several weeks to improve. Max speed was 26.5. Avg grade of 2% with max of 17%.

During the ride I seen 3 crossfits. I miss joust.

Later in the evening a nice lady nammed Tammy and her son dropped of brown bag lunches with about everything you could ask for on it. We all have leftovers.

We had the rest of the night to explorer. Some people went to the fish market, some to the needle, and some just walked around the university district. Mike, Laura, Martha, aaron and myself went to Rei headquarters and walked around that area. I packed light as in clothing and random extra things. But I brought to many bike tubes, tubes of sunscreen (I rarely use sunscreen, but thanks to couponing I got paid to purchase it), extra tires, tampons and other stuff that will last the whole time. I packed so mix stuff for rhw future in mu bike box that was shipped, that everything dis not fit. So...I bought a new bag!

While I was bag shopping Michael and krystal bought a tandem bike. For those of you that dont know then. I bikes mi to fl w them in 08, where they met. They got married a few weekends ago and this trip is part ld there honeymoon. They had been to busy wedding planning to tandem bike shop. They rode w the trip leader allan and others from the Fuller center headquaters in americus, ga. The van got in a car accient on the way to Seattle. Everyone survived with little injury. The van, the trailer, many blankets and krystals bike were not as fortunate. Well, obv krystal needed a new bike, what do you know they found a sweet deal on a tandem that fur them both perfectly. No adjusting or anything.

Sorry for grammer, capitals or lack of, spelling errors and etc. This touchscreen phone ia still new to me.

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