Thursday, July 16, 2009

please follow the main blog temporarily.

So. Mobile updating is not working.  I do NOT have a lap top.  So I have to borrow.  What a hassell. so please just follow the main blog. thanks.  :)  
.  :)
So I still need some donations as well.  Thank you to all of those who have donated.  

I will try to update again soon.  Sorry for the short blog.  But it is time to turn the computer back over to its owner.  Thanks and have a great day

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where we will begun....6 days from now....

On Friday between 1200 hrs and 1400 hrs I will be meeting the riders that I will be biking to Florida with. We will be hosted by the First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan. We will be staying there till Sunday when we will begin the adventure and ride to South Bend, IN for day 1. Are you joining us? you should. The ride will be 35 miles.

I cant believe its less than a week away.

Sense I live in Michigan and near the metro area. I offered people transportation to St. Joseph. Its about 2.5 hrs from my residence in Milan. But I figured Detriot was a much more reasonable city to fly, or take the train too.

On Thursday night I will be picking Ester up in Lansing. On Either Thursday or Friday I will be picking Nick up somewhere in the D. Then Friday morning at 550 hrs we will be picking Lisa up from the train station in Toledo.

Then... its off to St. Jospeh, Michigan for the adventure of my lifetime. :)

Thank you First Church of God in St. Joseph, Michigan for hosting us for 2 nights, 3 days. :)

performance bike lost my order.

I think that title says it all. Performance Bike lost my $300.00 order. Credit card charged, email saying they received it and would start processing it 0600 hrs the next morning.

Then 2 days later I checked the status of my order.

Order number not found.

Order history empty.

I go to my bank account online. $300.00 that was pending prior has now gone through.

I dial up the customer service at performance bike. They tell me to wait patiently my order may arrive in the next couple days. Even though, they could not find my order by credit card number or by name and addy. They re assured me they could 2 day my order on Tuesday for a extra charge of course, and re charge my card so my lost order that is apparently going to appear can be returned. She told me someone got there "lost" order 2 months later in the mail. Now. Do you think i have 2 months or the extra $300.000 NO. I politely told the lady id call back on Monday and give it the two days.

However. I dialed performance bike again. and got a much better customer service lady. She credited my account because she could not find the order. and within 15 minutes the money was back in my bank account. Now of course, she wanted me to place another order with them. But she could not honor the coupon I had that I used the prior day, as it was expired now, and she could not upgrade me to 2 days shipping. That's fine. They just wont get my business again. At least I got my money back. :)

So after work on Friday I took the 40 min drive to Deaborn to go to a place called bike sport that everyone rants and raves about. Now. I was dearly disappointed in the rave of this building. But its economical. They had 1 of every product. Whether it be top dollar or bottom dollar. Maybe they were out of the product, but they will order it for you no problem. the website is much more impressive than the store. Not to mention the store does not have a sign on the address that the street is on. so it was extremely difficult to find. Now, they did not have a pair of shorts in my size, but they did have some VERY nice shorts. They did not have a pair of bibs in my size. They did not have the handlebar tape brand and color I wanted, they did not have the Aero water bottle I had wanted. But they did have the seat bracket double water bottle holder. At least I'll be hydrated on my ride. my bum may be sore. but ill be hydrated.

So I guess ill have to go shopping all over again. hopefully not as many places as I did for shoes, but were one store into the search again.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

its time to start packing.

Suggested Gear List

Each rider can bring 1 bag of about 4,000 cubic inches but no more than 4,500 cubic inches. Not sure the size of your bag? Measure the length, width, and height in inches, and then do the math:

Length x width x height = bag volume in cubic inches. Thanks!

Ordinary Clothing: (this color means still need to get around)

· 3 pairs underwear

· 2 T-shirts (what ones am i going to bring?)

· Women: 3 sports bras, 1 non-sport (i could use to get one more good sports bra)

· 3 pairs socks (I don't really like cycling socks, i Like Adidas dry vent aloe ones. bought some new ones last week)

· 2 pairs shorts (how about a pair of capris, a pair of shorts ::)

· 1 pair of pants (I need to decided what ones to get. I think I want to get Mountain Hardware capri style outdoorsy kind of pants)

· 1 pair closed-toed shoes (required for worksites)

· Sandals / flip-flops (use for shower shoes)* (hmm. I want croc prepairs)

· Sweater/Sweatshirt (bright yellow painted Michigan to FL by Bike for Housing )

· Pajamas+ (I think I can just wear my shorts or capri and maybe bring a tank top)

· Hat or cap+ (possibly. but def. bringing a bandanna)

· Bathing suit

· Pillow+ ( I bought a inflatable neck pillow for a $1)

Cycling Clothing:

· 3 pairs cycling shorts* (I have a good pair, a shitty pair, a decent pair and just ordered another pair from performance bike, but apparently they cant find my order. err). I should prolly get one more pair.

· Cycling clip-in shoes*

· Fuller Center jersey#

· Cycling gloves+

· Leg warmers or cycling tights (Tall socks work well w/my capris. may save a few dollars)

· Arm warmers (bright yellow ones. they dont match at all. lol)

· 3 pairs cycling socks (I dont like cycling socks)

· Rain jacket* (iffy subject. I have my jacket I used last year)

Personal Items:

· Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, toothpaste, shower wipes, baby wipes, what else?)

· Sunscreen (and after sun aloe gel)

· Quick-dry towel (the most amazing thing EVER)

· Camera (need to remember the charger)

· MP3 player / iPod (not for use while biking)+ (does anyone have a wall charger i can borrow?)

· Book or journal (hmm. what book should i bring)

· Alarm clock+

· Saddle cream / Gold Bond powder

· Cell phone*

· Personal Laptop+ (anyone want to rent me theres)

Personal Equipment:

· Sleeping bag ( I must find this)

· Thermarest air mattress#

· Sunglasses

· Flashlight or headlamp (light on my bike)

· Shower bag (like a personal camping shower bag?)

Cycling Equipment

· Road Bicycle*

· Helmet (100% required)

· Air pump for bike* (are we really all suppossed to bring one)

· Water bottles#

· Cages for bottles*

· Patch kit*

· Bike lock* (I cant find mine.. err)

· Spare inner tubes* (so far i have 3. need to get another tube)

· Chain lube*

· Spare tires (some available for standard road bikes)# ( I have 4 spare tires, i think that is good )

· Hydration pack (i.e. Camelbak)* (Negative. I have 6 water bottle cages though :)

· Clipless pedals*

· Cycling computer*

· Seat bag*

· Ergonomic saddle*

· Rearview mirror* (really)

· Multi-use bike tool*

· 3 tire levers* how about the one that works :)

* Very strongly recommended for those joining us for long distances

# Provided

+ An optional extra